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gijs van winkelhof

Pianist, composer, arranger Gijs van Winkelhof

Gijs van Winkelhof is a Dutch composer, pianist and music producer. He has composed music for a variety of projects, such as films, theatre and various artists.

At the age of 3, Gijs began teaching himself how to play the piano and by the age of 10, he was already composing and producing music. Gijs graduated with honors, in 2007, from the Utrecht School of the Arts. His major of study (Composition for the Media) focused on writing music for film and theatre. During his study he wrote the music for the short film ‘Ik Ook’ by Danny Maas, featuring the talents of Tim Murck and Loes Haverkort.

In September and October of 2007 the movie was shown at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht. In 2008, Van Winkelhof wrote the music of the song ‘Jij maakt het verschil’ (‘You make the difference’) that was recorded by the Dutch singer/comedian and television host Paul de Leeuw. On June 8, 2009 Gijs performed his composition in Royal Theatre Carré in Amsterdam at the Majoor Bosshardt Gala.

In 2013, composed the music for the musical ‘Michiko’, produced by the Dutch Junior Musical Academy. Then in 2015, he composed the music for their second production: ‘Alice in Anderland’. Gijs has also produced music for such television shows as ‘Holland’s Got Talent’ and ‘Kinderen voor Kinderen’.

As a pianist he accompanied various (musical) artists such as Pia Douwes, Joke de Kruijf, Cystine Carreon, Bill van Dijk, Laura Vlasblom and René van Kooten. Gijs performed at more than 50 different castles in The Netherlands. In november 2011 Gijs performed at the M-lab theatre in Amsterdam with the show ‘Zomaar een Dag’ by Ramaekers Entertainment. In 2012 and 2013 he performed there again with the concerts ‘Reaching for Broadway’. In 2014 Gijs was the musical director and pianist of the concert “Best of Musical” with Dutch musical artists like Tony Neef, Ron Link and Cystine Carreon.

His own arrangements and improvisations made him a well known pianists on YouTube with over a million hits. His talent has afforded him many opportunities such as being invited to perform in Japan at the Suntory Hall and the Yamaha Hall in Tokyo with Japanese soprano Yoko Maria Tsukuda.



On June 26th 2016 Gijs van Winkelhof released the new single ‘Dream Out Loud’ on iTunes. This single is from the Dutch musical “Alice in Anderland”. The music is composed by film- and theatre composer Gijs van Winkelhof and the lyrics are by Petra Visser.
You can download the single here:

Film- and theatre compositions

Compositions for various artists

Gijs van Winkelhof wrote the music for the song ‘Jij maakt het verschil’, recorded by the Dutch television comedian, singer and actor Paul de Leeuw and released on his album ‘Het Wordt Winter’.
This video is a live performance of the song at his TV-show ‘Mooi weer de Leeuw’.




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